Thu 30 November 2023
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The Healing Poetry Course with Nabin K Chhetri
Thu 15 Dec 2022 to Fri 15 Dec 2023
Are you feeling lonely? Do you want to express yourself? Do you want to heal yourself? A transformative online poetry workshop designed to help you discover the art of healing through poetry. It allows you to find your journey into the world of expression.

You can write about your life, memory, childhood, family, love, and almost everything. Your past, whether it's bitter or good, can be a powerful tool for writing poetry. If you can feel yourself leaning into these words and responding, this unique course is meant for you.

Poetry allows you to express the challenges of your life and experiences that have shaped you. Each class will focus on specific practices and exercises to guide you directly into your authentic voice. Poetry has the power to heal. The unspoken presents itself through our writing. Our real feelings emerge. Past events resurface. And behind our smiles, and even fears, are the soul's secret tears holding out, yet longing to roll freely with authentic expression.

The Poetry Healing Course is a nurturing place to access any support or feedback you'll need to develop your poetic voice while healing your heart.

Please join me on this healing journey!

I offer an interactive online course environment to discover your creative voice and put it into writing. These sessions can be either one-hour or one-day courses or multi-week courses. Runs from 15th December 2022 - 15th December 2023.

About Me:
Nabin K Chhetri is a commissioned poet and writer based in Scotland. He graduated with a degree of M.St in Creative Writing from Oxford University and a degree of M.Litt in The Novel from the University of Aberdeen. (Specializing in prose and poetry). Nabin is a creative writing tutor and has conducted workshops/readings in various organizations, including Oxford University and Robert Gordon University. He is officially recognized by the Scottish Book Trust and is available for creative workshops. He has been selected for various creative opportunities and has been a writer/poet in Residence in France, Spain, Italy, and Scotland. His works have been awarded from Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Nepal, the U.K., the U.S., and Israel. He has recently been commissioned by Stanza Festival.

£30 per hour
£50 for two hours
£160 for a six week package

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