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Writers’ charity the Royal Literary Fund is building 'Showcase'
Tue 6 Jun 2017
For over 200 years the Royal Literary Fund charity has been a mainstay of support to published writers, providing grants and pensions to those in need and placing RLF Fellows in UK universities to help students with writing
In the last few years the RLF has also built up a wide-ranging online resource that will interest aspiring as well as established writers, and indeed anyone who is curious about the writing life. Go to Showcase on the RLF website and you will find articles and podcasts about everything from writers’ totems to favourite authors to the effect of childhood on adult work, as well as several attempts to answer that gnarly question, Why I Write. Poetry, screenplays, novels, memoir, biography: it’s all covered in Showcase, and provides a fascinating insight into how writers think and feel and work and live.
It’s all here:
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