Tue 11 August 2020
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Mary Lou Fletcher
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"My logic was pretty much, if I’ve got to do something with my life, it’s got to be something that I enjoy."

One of my first memories of stories is when my Mum used to read to me from a big book of bedtime stories. I remember looking up at her and watching her mouth as she said the words, pretending that her chin was a face and that it was a creature speaking to me.

Yes, I was a rather strange kid!

Fast forward past some brutal memories of primary and high school and settle on Sixth Form where I finally decided to start taking my writing seriously. It had always been something that I had done over the years but I had never thought to consciously make something of it before. I had the odd idea here and the start of a story there but I’d never really decided to focus on it and make it a career of sorts. My logic was pretty much, if I’ve got to do something with my life, it’s got to be something that I enjoy.

Throughout high school I’d considered different careers that I was going to do ‘when I grew up’ (I’m still working on the maturity part) from everything such as a teacher in a variety of subjects, to being a chef in the Army, to being in the Police- the list goes on! While I still did this to a certain extent at the beginning of Sixth Form (Sociologist and Lawyer were crossed off the list) it wasn’t until I settled down with what I really wanted to do that I stopped chasing ideas. 

One thing I didn’t appreciate was how hard it was going to be! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect that I would be able to walk into a publishing house and hand over a beautifully bound manuscript whilst confetti rained down (well, not really) but I was rather naïve as to how I was going to make things work and how difficult it is just to be heard. Thankfully, I was directed to NAWE and, more specifically, the Young Writer’s Hub which will, hopefully, help to get my voice out there.

I’d love to connect with different young writers- whether it be over writing, high school memories or the merits of digestives. Please get in touch by sending me a message if you’d like to talk!

My main interests tend to be in writing prose- from short stories and flash fiction to longer pieces. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my writing published on different websites such as Shout Out UK and YA Love Mag. I also managed to have a piece of Non-Fiction accepted for a website called ‘Uni’s Not For Me’ where I shared my (rather horrific) experiences of my A Level results day.

I’ve always had an interest in society and human behaviour, so when it came to choosing my subjects in Sixth Form, I had this in mind. I chose Law, English Literature and Sociology.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get grades as high as I was hoping for (curse you exams with your pressure-y face!) but I didn’t do too shoddily, so I can’t complain!

One of my first memories of writing is in primary school where my class was given the assignment of writing short story. While the rest of the class finished and had gone to the hall to watch a film, I continued to write in my 'best work' notebook.

As time dragged on and I continued to scribble away, the teacher finally asked me what was taking so long. My response?

"But Miss, I'm only on Chapter 5!"

Needless to say she wasn’t very impressed!


I admire lots of different writers that write in different forms. Here are just a few of them:

Trudi Canavan
Ian McEwan
Mary Shelley
Ben Elton
Charlotte Bronte
Sally Wainwright
Carol Ann Duffy

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