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Writing in Education: Special Edition
Mon 21 Jun 2004
We are pleased to have published this special edition of our magazine, titled 'Writing at University: Courses and Case Studies', which focuses on the experience of studying creative writing in higher education.
'Writing at University' consists of a collection of articles by students past and present. There is a very wide range of different courses and institutions covered. We have also tried to reflect the range of reasons why people choose to study writing, their expectations and achievements. The publication is being sent to all schools, colleges, libraries and careers offices. We hope that it will be of real value to students considering studying creative writing at undergraduate level, or thinking about careers in almost any of the creative industries. It does also, of course, include details about NAWE's other areas of work, and we feel the publicity will be of benefit to our members generally.

Any members who have scope to distribute it in relevant places are most welcome to contact the NAWE office for further copies.

The next 'ordinary' edition of Writing in Education is currently being prepared and will be sent to all members early in July, together with details of our next conference.
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