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Moving Stories: Ian McMillan live at Railfest 2004
Tue 1 Jun 2004
Ian McMillan is now writer-in-residence not only for the Moving Stories website but at Railfest itself at the National Railway Museum in York, helping visitors to tell their stories and add them to the site.
Ian writes:

"The difference between the stories we've had so far and stories we're going to get over the next few days is that the stories we've had so far have been from people who've written them down, who've had the confidence to put finger to keyboard and send 'em off! What I'm looking for over the next three days are people who just want to tell their stories. They can write them down if they want, I'll help, or they can tell me and I'll write them down.

"And then they'll be the flipchart. Flipcharts are my tool of choice when I'm working, when I'm creating bits of writing with groups of people. What I hope will happen is that a gang of people who are vaguely interested in what's happening will turn up in my little corner. Then I'll suggest a chorus for a group poem. Then they'll suggest lines. Then they'll suggest more lines. Then, before we know it, there'll be a poem. There might even be an epic!

"Then (and this will happen four times each day - 31 May, 1 June, 2 June) I'll nip into the Moving Stories office and type them in and they'll be up there on the website. And people anywhere in the world can see them! Instant publishing: a comfortable train that's always, always on time!"

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