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Worldwide Week of Performing Arts Writing
Thu 28 Aug 2003
Les Auteurs de l'Ombre (Authors in the Shadow), is organising this event, aimed at meeting the expectations of performance arts writers around the world.
The aim is to devote at least one day, if not several, to performing arts writers all over the world. Initiatives could be carried out by theatres, schools, cultural centers, embassies, libraries, and youth and cultural groups. It's anticipated that a fair amount of publicity will be generated for the event.

Our objective is to go on to create the biggest network possible by accentuating the work of writers within their own discipline, and also to revitalize interest in language. However, the day isn't designed only for Francophone events: it's aimed at anyone who'd like to hear their words ringing out from the stage!

As many theatrical and cultural organizations as possible are being approached via the Net (and others by mail or in person), which allows us to multiply our contacts across the world, with the data stored centrally on our site. Discussions will take place with the Ministry of Culture, the European Council, UNESCO's International Theater Institute, the International Francophone Organisation and the Minister of Francophone Affairs from September onwards.

If you wish to take part in this project, please download the attached document and complete the enclosed form.

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