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New from Acumen: Quintana Roo
Tue 1 Jul 2003
Quintana Roo is a new poetry pamphlet by NAWE Vice Chair, Maggie Butt, published by Acumen Literary Journal. Maggie is Programme Leader on the Writing & Media course at Middlesex University, London.
At the last committee meeting, Robyn Bolam stood down as Chair of NAWE, a post she has held since 1998.

She said: "It has been a pleasure to see NAWE grow in scope and in membership and I hope it will continue to go from strength to strength... Although I am standing down as Chair, I am looking forward to planning a NAWE conference next May and will continue to be a supportive member."

Debjani Chatterjee, previously Vice-Chair, took over the role of Chair automatically and Maggie Butt agreed to take on the Vice Chair role until the next AGM.

Quintana Roo is available from bookshops or directly from Acumen Publications. ISBN 1-873161-13-7
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