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Mslexia Relaunch
Wed 4 Sep 2002
Mslexia, the magazine for women who write, is relaunching this October with a fresh design, a range of challenging new features and even more opportunities to get into print.
Mslexia accepts submissions for most parts of the new-look magazine. For the Spring edition, you are invited to interview someone who fascinates you. The interviewee doesn't have to be famous and interviews can be written in poetry, prose or dialogue (closing date 31 December). For those with journalistic ambitions, the new Harangue slot is a chance to submit an 800-word polemic on a controversial issue. For the next edition, Mslexia is looking for harangues about poetry. Should it be subsidised? Is it elitist?

If these topics don_t inspire you, every issue of Mslexia lists around 50 other publishers looking for submissions and 25 writing competitions. Mslexia is the fastest-growing literary magazine in the UK.
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