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Embalming Mom: Essays in Life
Mon 15 Jul 2002
The Iowa Series in Literary Nonfiction has published this book of essays by NAWE member Janet Burroway, chronicling 'loss and renaissance in a life that reaches from Florida to Arizona across to England and home again'.
Janet Burroway followed in the footsteps of Sylvia Plath. Like Plath, she was an early mademoiselle guest editor in New York, an Ivy league and Cambridge student, an aspiring poet-playwright-novelist in the perios when feminism didn't exist, a woman wgo struggled with her generation's conflicting demands of work and love.

Her textbook Writing Fiction is now in its fifth edition and a further text, Imaginative Writing, is due later this year.

Embalming Mom (ISBN 0-87745-790-5) is now available from University of Iowa Press, c/o Chicago Shipping Center, 11030 South Langley Avenue, Chicago IL 60628, USA, priced $18.95 plus $5.50 shipping.