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Car Crazy Project
Wed 29 May 2002
The Car Crazy community arts project is launching a hundred page A4 book at Bedlingtonshire Community High School in Northumberland.
The Crazy car project was devised by Barry Stone, an award-winning writer and community arts activist who had a hands-on passion for classic cars since he was aboy in the late sixties. Over the past twelve months, Barry has worked with two high schools, one community college, a young offenders' institution, and many other people on a one-to-one basis, sometimes, he says, by 'knocking on the doors of houses that have old cars rotting in the drive'.

Barry says he's proud to have compiled and edited the book because it's a visceral collection that doesn't shy away from dealing with difficult issues like drink driving, the racism of a young offender, violence, or the loss of loved ones through road accidents. 'But equally so, there's happier stuff by younger and older people who just love cars... [it's] a terrific book that gets under the skin as much as it looks beyond the shiny paint.'

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