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NESTA scouts searching for talent
Thu 16 May 2002
A crack squad of NESTA talent scouts will be scouring the arts scene of the East Midlands - searching out new talent.
NESTA has located 25 talent scouts in the East Midlands - covering Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, High Peak and Northamptonshire - who are in regular contact with outstanding individuals in the three fields. They will remain anonymous in order to protect them from unsolicited approaches and lobbying. When they spot these talented people they will alert NESTA, providing a name and contact details and they will then be considered for the NESTA Fellowship Programme.

Fellowships, one of three NESTA funding programmes, is designed to offer awards to exceptional people. Since the programme went live in late 1999, 58 Fellowships have been appointed through a nationwide nomination system, at a total value of nearly £5m. So far, there have been very few nominations from the East Midlands region and NESTA wants to put this right.

Venu Dhupa, Fellowship Director, says of the new pilot: 'We want to increase our chances for exceptional talent, wherever it may be, to shine. We have chosen the East Midlands to pilot a network of 'talent scouts', as it is a region where we have made few awards to talented individuals so far. I know from my own experience of working at the Nottingham Playhouse and chairing the Regional Cultural Consortia in the East Midlands, that a great deal of creative flair exists, so I don't want the region to be overlooked.

'We are interested in people whose achievements or creative potential places them at the very pinnacle of their chosen field of interest. Our aim is to encourage talent, and help the UK develop and maintain its position as a world leader in innovation and creativity.'

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