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Big Arts Week
Wed 8 May 2002
Big Arts Week aims to bring the nation's best art and artists into classrooms across the country.
Big Arts Week is asking artists from every creative discipline to visit their local schools to work with the pupils on a creative project. They want to see young people fired up about the arts. They are still welcoming applications from artists for 2002 but registration for schools has now closed.

How much time is an artist expected to give? This completely depends on how much time is available to the artist and the school. Of course the more time an artist can give the better, but even as little as an hour can be inspirational and can at least get the project off the ground. Exact timing will have to be negotiated between each school and artist as there'll be different factors involved in each partnership.

Please note: This is NOT an intiative which suggests that artists should generally be undertaking this work unpaid, rather an attempt to raise the profile of such work.
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