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Scripting Drama for Health Education
Wed 24 Apr 2002
This module is offered to students in all disciplines at the University of Wolverhampton and can also be subscribed to by people outside of the university as a stand-alone module.
There is a growing interest in the NHS, and in other public bodies, to use drama as a tool to communicate health messages. Moreover, current and past students at the University of wolverhampton have shown an interest in using more creative methods in their work. In response a module has been developed that aims to provide students with the skills to understand the main concepts of scripting drama for live performances on stage, and pre-recorded for TV and video. It will enable students to:

* Know how and when to use the mediums for effective communication of health messages

* Recognize the opportunities and obstacles in utilizing drama

* Locate the use of drama in health promotion theories and models

* Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the use of drama in health education

* examine the work of Boal, and others, as leaders in the work of theatre in education.

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