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Anti-Racism Project Creative Writer
Wed 6 Feb 2002
A Tower Hamlet's Council initiative to combat racism.
7 week project - 5.5 hours per week In response to a Tower Hamlet's Council initiative to combat racism, a writer will work alongside 2 artists, literacy teachers and year 3 students at Chisenhale Primary School. Using literature as a basis, the project will study racism, culminating in a permanent text based artwork in the library. The artists will also receive training from LBTH consultants and support from Chisenhale Art Place. Commencing 20th May 2001. Some preliminary planning will be needed before the project starts. Candidates invited for interview will be asked to prepare a proposal for the project. Interviews will be held on the 8th March 2002 Fee: £900 Deadline: Friday 22nd February 2002. How to apply: Send covering letter, CV and up to 6 slides/photos of art work to Rose Butler, Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, London E35QZ
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