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Asterisk Residencies, Evaluation
Mon 23 Jan 2006
The first of the residencies for artists at Shandy Hall are now being evaluated. We are most grateful to Arts Council England for their support in the pilot programme, which we hope will be extended.
The two successful applicants for the pilot residencies were Richard Willacy and Carolyn Thompson.

Richard is director of Birmingham Opera Company, which produces large scale projects with high levels of audience interaction and participation. During his residency he was working on a multimedia opera to be staged in Liverpool in 2007-8 in which disruption of narrative, video and soundscapes are central to affording an experience for an audience consisting not only of traditional opera enthusiasts but also those more attuned to new music and club culture.

Carolyn is primarily a visual artist, though her work often involves text, exploring how editing and reconstruction processes can reveal new non-linear realities and/or fictions within recognized texts and images. She is interested in the potential of technology but also in the barriers which technological communication sometimes puts in the way of genuine human interaction. During her asterisk residency, Carolyn interviewed people in Coxwold, collecting stories about Shandy Hall and the village community. Some of the interviews were filmed and she took a lot of other footage of the locality. She leaned how to use film editing software and to build a website to display her work. Fasinated by the Sterne collection in the Hall, and particularly Sterne?s Journal to Eliza, she also set about a completely separate project, writing a imaginary reply from Eliza to Sterne.

Once the pilot residencies have been evaluated, we look forward to planning a further programme. Meanwhile, anyone can stay in the cottage adjacent to Shandy Hall on a paying basis.

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