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NAWE Committee 2006-2007
Mon 20 Nov 2006
A new NAWE Committee was elected at the AGM on Saturday 18 November. We should like to thank the outgoing Committee for all their work, especially Debjani Chatterjee who has chaired the Committee for several years.
In addition to Debjani, we should like to offer public thanks to Kathy Flann, Heather Beck, Joan Michelson and Valerie Moore.

The new Committee is as follows:

Jane Bluett, Maggie Butt, Liz Cashdan, Helen Carter, Graeme Harper, Nigel McLoughlin, Patrick Wildgust, Cliff Yates.

We are delighted that the new team represents such a good spread of interests and expertise. A Chair will be appointed at the first meeting in January 2007.

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