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NAWE Conference
Tue 20 Nov 2007
Kate Atkinson's reading and conversation with Roger Clark was one of many highlights at NAWE's 20th anniversary conference held at the Hawkhills.

A record number of NAWE delegates attended our 20th anniversary conference and were treated to two fine evening performances, the first from Michael Morpurgo on Friday night. He read two stories from his collection Singing for Mrs Pettigrew, and set the tone for a weekend full of passionate debate and creative play. Kate Atkinson's highly entertaining reading and intriguing conversation concluded the central, full day's programme, and the event came to a close at Sunday lunchtime with some die-hard delegates still finding time for a tour of Shandy Hall. The residential format of the conference seemed to be much appreciated but we will of course be taking full note of all feedback in terms of planning future events.

The AGM concentrated on issues and debate (not least about assessment), but there was one new organizational recommendation that was proposed and approved, namely that Committee Members from now on serve for a period of two years. The current Committee, as below, will therefore continue for a further 12 months.

Jane Bluett, Maggie Butt, Helen Carter, Liz Cashdan, Graeme Harper, Nigel McLoughlin, Patrick Wildgust, Cliff Yates.

We look forward to sharing more detail about the conference procedings in due course.

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