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Second Coming: The Rebirth of TV Drama
Wed 12 May 2010
A new season of events presented by the British Film Institute discusses the vital role of writers in the UK's television output.

In our nostalgia for a mythologised past and self-flagellating celebration of US product, are we chronically undervaluing what might well be a new golden generation of TV dramatists?

BFI Southbank debates the current state of British Television drama in a two-month season during May and June. Despite critical negativity about the present and future of British small-screen drama, we contend that the current generation of British TV dramatists is as accomplished as any before. The season showcases some of the best shorter-form dramas from the last decade or so, from Dominic Savage's Out of Control (2002) to Russell T Davies' Second Coming (2003). We also welcome a number of the programmes' directors, actors and producers in for Q&As, including William Ivory, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Dominic Savage and Tony Marchant.