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Creative Writing A Level now accredited
Tue 8 Jan 2013
We're delighted to report that the AQA A Level has been accredited by Ofqual for first teaching in September 2013.
Developed in close consultation with NAWE, and with higher education, A-level and GCSE teachers, the new specification will:
  • provide opportunities to study creative writing as a discipline in its own right, distinct from English studies
  • complement but not overlap English Literature and/or Language study
  • allow aspiring writers to trace a route through school or college on to higher education and into professional practice
  • appeal to a wide range of students, including those studying other disciplines such as science or humanities
The draft specification is available and specimen materials will be available shortly.

Register your details on the AQA website to receive updates about this new qualification.

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Fri 5 Apr 2013
As the new Chair of NAWE and a former secondary school English teacher, I feel very pleased to be involved in the start-up of the new A level Creative Writing course. I hope a great many schools manage to get their students going on the course from September 2013. I know NAWE will do everything it can to help teachers who are new to Creative Writing. Jane Bluett and I will be running a workshop for teachers of Creative Writing at the NATE conference at the end of June 2013.
Posted by: Liz Cashdan
Topic: Creative Writing A Level now accredited
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