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Creative Writing A Level covered by the BBC
Tue 19 Feb 2013
The BBC website is featuring the new Creative Writing A Level being introduced by AQA in September 2013.

The BBC quotes AQA chief executive, Andrew Hall, saying how the course was designed to create "bold, confident writers across a range of styles".

The creative writing course, with exams and coursework, promises to cultivate "strong writing and communication skills", valuable to employers as well as providing the tools for novels and screenplays.

"Every day we hear business leaders calling for sharper writing skills," said Mr Hall.

Read the full feature.

Developed in close consultation with NAWE, the new A Level offered by AQA is an exciting opportunity for young writers wishing to explore their ideas in prose fiction, non-fiction, poetry or script – for page, performance, radio, screen or digital media.

Aspiring writers can now trace a route through school or college on to higher education and into professional practice. Many other students will also benefit: Creative Writing is a subject where original thinking is to the fore, matched by a learning of technical skills that are are invaluable in almost any walk of life.

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Thu 25 Apr 2013
Waited so long for this type of A level which can only help to promote good writing and possibly even greater writers in the ferment! I teach creative writing to the retired- so it's never too late to explore and run with those creative juices. Great news to start as early as possible though...
Posted by: Angela Huskisson
Topic: Creative Writing A Level covered by the BBC
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