Fri 14 August 2020
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B&N Launches Nook for Web
Barnes & Noble has just announced Nook for Web, an HTML5 based reading app

For the longest time the ebook market has been trending away from requiring ereader, and now it’s going a step further and giving up on the need for readers to even install an app. Barnes & Noble has just announced Nook for Web, an HTML5 based reading app.

They’re calling it “an innovative and free new browser experience” but it’s only innovative so long as you ignore the fact that many other reading platforms had it already: Kobo, Amazon, Coursesmart, Ibis, and even more from a list that’s so long I cannot even recall all the names on it.

But leaving the hype of the press release aside, this is good news for readers. We now have another option for getting and reading free ebooks with minimal work involved, and Barnes & Noble did steal a march on its competition by making it work on most of the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, with the exception of mobile browsers. B&N says that support coming this fall for Internet-enabled tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

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