Sat 8 August 2020
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reKiosk Could be a New Option For Self-Pub Authors
A press release came across my desk this morning, and while I hesitate to promote one before there’s real public feedback, this new service could be interesting

There’s a company called reKiosk, and they’re launching a digital storefront service next month. According to the press release the service is in private beta today, and it is scheduled to open to the public in mid August.

reKiosk isn’t quite offering any of the services I’m used to, so a little background may be in order. When it comes to selling ebooks I’m sure you know that there are a range of options for authors to choose from, with some offering more services (and charging more money) all the way down the line to no-frill ebook distributors (who pay a larger share).

If you look at it as a spectrum, at one end would be Bookbaby and Smashwords (they take a slightly larger share and distribute widely), with Pubit and KDP coming close afterward, and way down at the other end of the spectrum are sites like Gumroad, who do little more than process the payment and dispense the file (and pay a higher rate).

Complete article here.