Wed 23 May 2018
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Basingstoke College of Technology

Creative Writing

This course will enable you to improve your writing skills by exploring a variety of techniques and guidelines to focus on different aspects of the craft of writing. You will bring your own ideas, creativity and experience and this introductory course will provide the support, expertise and feed-back you need to get you writing.
Duration 8 weeks: Thursday 19:00-21:00
Level Open Access
Cost £82
Informal assessment - task completion and feedback from tutor and group members.
No formal entry requirements other than an interest in Creative Writing.
This course will include: 1. Using your life experience in your writing. 2. Point of view and characters. 3. Plotting and plot development. 4. Creating vivid and believable contexts. 5. Racking up the tension and interest using dialogue. 6. Engaging the imagination. 7. Choice of words and their effect. 8. Improving your work - reviewing and editing. Where a course is aimed towards an assessment/examination, it is expected that all students will enter for the qualification. This course will lead into Creative Writing - Term 2.
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