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‘Crime Narrative Structures and Post Conflict Societies’ with Claire McGowan and Christiana Gregoriou
Tue 21 Feb 2017 to Tue 21 Feb 2017
We have great pleasure inviting you to the Open University Contemporary Cultures of Writing autumn seminar series (in collaboration with the Institute of English Studies)

Detective and crime fiction has become increasingly popular over recent years. From its roots in the nineteenth century, it has grown in many directions and we now have several sub genres to choose from: hard-boiled, cosy, procedural, and domestic noir, to name but a few. This raises questions for the writer and the reader. How do crime novels reflect contemporary politics and culture? How have advances in psychology, neuroscience and digital technology changed the fictional landscape? Is there a gender divide in the type of crime fiction written by men and women? Who are the victims in crime fiction – and who are the perpetrators? Does the crime always have to be solved? And does, as T.S. Eliot famously stated, ‘all good detective fiction tend to return and approximate to the practice of Wilkie Collins’?

One writer will speak at each of the seminars, with responding contributions from a related discipline (including crime studies, publishing and forensic psychology. )

Christiana Gregoriou is an English language lecturer at Leeds University’s School of English, and a steering committee member of the Crime Studies Network, a group devoted to the interdisciplinary study of representations of crime. She is a specialist in crime fiction stylistics, and the author of several academic books. Her latest book engages with cognitive stylistics, a field concerned with explaining the linguistic and narratological processes through which literary texts carry meaning.

Claire McGowan grew up in Northern Ireland and now teaches the UK's first MA in crime writing at City University London. She is the author of seven acclaimed crime novels set in Ireland and has taught writing for many organisations including the Arvon Foundation, Guardian Masterclasses, and the Cheltenham festival. 

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