Thu 23 May 2024
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The Future of Publishing: the census on Digital Publishing
FutureBook - the digital blog from The Bookseller - is conducting a census that focuses on the way publishers are seeing the future of their industry.

"Everyone in the book business needs to have a voice in its digital future."

The annual FutureBook census is underway, with interesting opinions regarding the future of digital publishing. Over 2,500 people have contributed so far; what are their views on the potential of digital media? Will it increase revenue? Or will customers expect digital content to come at a lower price?

Viable marketing options for digital publishing are also discussed, with an overall positive attitude. Check out the link below for the full article.

'Little Voice,' by Phillip Jones on FutureBook

FutureBook is a 'website dedicated to discussing how the digital revolution will re-shape publishing in the 21st Century,' in association with The Bookseller.

Source: The Bookseller