Wed 24 July 2024
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In the latest edition...

It’s impossible to read collection without at least one eye keenly on the future. The time-lapse for some from original online publication to being compiled in this compendium is four years or more. This itself adds another dimension. For some, nearer sixteen than twenty five, Myths is their first publication.

Others have gone on to publish novels with major publishing houses, place short stories and poems with internationally reputable magazines, begin promising academic or literary careers, write for popular television drama and produce networks and publications of their own. Still emerging. On their own terms. Making their own Myths of the Near Future.

Myths of the Near Future includes new writing from Paridhi Agarwal, Jess Angell, Harriet Beaney, Jo Brandon, Cara Brennan, Sophie Fenella, Clare Sita Fisher, Hattie Grunewald, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Louise Hegarty, Katherine Henderson, Jeroen van Honk, Nina Howard, Sam Langworth, Jack Little, Carmina Masoliver, DS Maolalai's, A.L.Michael, Nadia Mokdad,Jade Moulds, Oli Delgaram-Nejad, Megan Pattie, Juan David Romero, Ellie Stewart, Stephen Pester, Anne Rutherford, Flo Reynolds, Ben Schwarz, Rachel Woodbridge.   

Members of the Young Writers' Hub are eligible for a free print copy of Myths and can download the PDF for free from 'previous issues'. For non-members, the print compendium is £10 P&P or £2.99 for the PDF. Please email Wes Brown if you have any questions.