Mon 22 April 2024
Equal Opportunities
NAWE aims to put creativity at the heart of education. NAWE is a charity funded largely by its members fees and donations.
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Equal Opportunities Policy

All NAWE publications and publicity material will avoid racist language which stereotypes any racial group, sexist language which is demeaning to men or women, language which demeans disabled people, elderly people or which singles out for ridicule people of any sexual orientation.

NAWE will make every attempt to promote its activities among all sections of the community, ensuring that membership and publicity material is directed towards specialised agencies and media catering for any of the above mentioned people in the community. NAWE will monitor this practice to ensure its effectiveness.

Whenever possible NAWE will attempt to base its activities at centres which provide creche facilities as well as amenities and access for the disabled, including wheelchair users. Publicity material should inform potential participants of theses amenities.

NAWE will not knowingly allow its publications, events, premises or facilities to be used for the expression of views which seek to undermine this policy.