Thu 21 September 2017
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The NAWE Young Writers' Hub is a writer development agency and leading publisher of contemporary writing from 16 to 25 year olds 

"Blotchy Paper: A wish to write – you say while scratching the stars Denting the moon, skies and everything in between. But no substantial chunks Fall to your mind. So, you wish to STOP, blotch on the paper, wrong texture, a lump, an ugly lump. - it’s not perfect. So there’s a blotch on the page, dust in your eyes from scratching too hard. A failed attempt at hanging up a picture And all that’s left is a mark in the wall And no picture. Writer’s Block, tick-ticking clock Time waits for no one. The world at your fingertips, frozen Lost your footing (or fingering should we say) Can’t type, or write Foresight lost, like a dream forgotten upon wakening. Creativity stumbling for a failing inventor. so, all remains is a blotch on the paper. "
Myths of the Near Future

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