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Forest of Lies
Chris Speyer
A teen thriller in a climate-changed world, Forest of Lies follows present-day trends to their inevitable conclusions and asks urgent questions about our responsibilities to the dispossessed.
Sea levels have risen. Whole populations are on the move and Britain has a zero immigration policy. When a massive tidal surge floods London, teenage Mark flees the destruction to stay with his cousin Ashanti in the Great West Forest. But where does Ashanti go at night? Who is she meeting? Attempting to solve the mystery, Mark triggers a catastrophic chain of events; Ashanti disappears, her family's farm is confiscated and the lives of the young climate refugees Ashanti is protecting are plunged into danger.

Teachers’ resources to accompany Forest of Lies can be found on the TES website.

“A fast-paced thriller set in a shockingly believable near future.”
David Bond – Green Lions Films

"Grips and entices from the very first page."
Phil Earle, author of Heroic and Being Billy

Paperback: 292 pages

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Fri 28 Mar 2014
Handprint Publications
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ISBN: 978-0-9927322-0-2
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