Sat 23 June 2018
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No. 74: NAWE Conference Collection 2017 (Part 1)

Editorial by Paul Munden and Seraphima Kennedy

It was an emotional experience, taking part in the NAWE Conference in York last November, at which so many members joined me in remembering and paying tribute to the late Clare Mallorie. Since then, having taken the decision to stand down as NAWE Director after 24 years, I have found myself faced with further emotion, of a very different sort. It was not an easy decision to take, but I feel sure it was the right one, making way for new energy and new ideas. I have received an incredible further series of messages, for which I am enormously grateful. It was also good to meet with some of you for farewell drinks, in London and York. 

But here I still am! I’m writing this in my final days as Director, though with Writing in Practice Volume 4 still to produce. I have also been asked to edit a further two issues of Writing in Education (Summer and Autumn), in order to maintain business as usual while a new Director is appointed and makes new plans. I will probably do that with a degree of invisibility, as there’s nothing more annoying than multiple goodbyes! I hope, therefore, that another member of our Editorial Board will write the editorials. The Summer issue will feature further articles from last year’s conference; the Autumn issue will be launched at the conference – again in York – this year. Seraphima Kennedy says more about that, opposite, and a Call for Proposals appears on page 3.

So this is a true farewell, but I’ll certainly be remaining a NAWE member, and will hope to stay in touch with many of you on various creative fronts. It’s been a real pleasure working with you all, for a considerable time, and I trust that your own endeavours – and those of NAWE in your support – will go from strength to strength.

Paul Munden
Director, NAWE, 1994-2018

For this issue, I’m giving over my column to our team at Paper Nations, as we get ready to launch our Call to Evidence. But I’d like to take a brief opportunity to thank you, our readers and members, for your support over the past six months. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the conference in York in November, and to our brilliant sponsors and evening readers: Sarah Howe, Bernardine Evaristo, the team behind Metamorphic, Tom Lee, Winnie M Li, and to Naomi Booth, Abi Curtis and York St John University for their generous sponsorship. I’d also like to thank both of NAWE’s committees, for supporting us before, during and after the event, as well as Mosaic Events and Gill Greaves, our dedicated conference organizer.

This year, we have plenty to look forward to at NAWE as we calm the seas and gear up for the next NAWE conference, which will showcase some of the research from the Paper Nations programme, as well as invite lots of new proposals. We will be launching a new CPD programme and regional meet-ups (please get in touch if you would like to host one of these at your university or school).

We’d like to thank Paul Munden for his long and dedicated service to NAWE, and to the field of creative writing. I meet many writers who tell me they wouldn’t have the career they have now without NAWE’s support, and we should not underestimate the distance travelled under Paul’s tenure. It’s an honour to be the  temporary caretaker of NAWE, acting as Director until the committee recruit permanently. I am holding this trust up to the light like a fine wine, and promise to make good use of it. 

Seraphima Kennedy
Director, NAWE (Interim)

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