Tue 25 April 2017
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Wes Brown, Information Manager & Young Writer's Co-ordinator 
Online jobs, opportunities and events directory and e-bulletin, Young Writers' Hub, one-to-one information and advice service (for all writers, especially website and bulletin queries). Tel: 07437 883922



Submissions Information

Please email Wes Brown if you have an event or opportunity you would like to appear on The Writer's Compass website and bulletin. We focus on information that has a professional development element and are happy to receive details of training, conferences, competitions and submissions, funding opportunities, and of course jobs.

When sending event/opportunity information please include:
  • The title you would like us to use (or we will make up our own!)
  • Start and finish dates, or a deadline if relevant. 
  • Location
  • Price
  • Description
  • Booking/application information
  • Contact details 
  • Short summary text
  • Valid web link /links
  • An image - your logo, or other accompanying image.  Portrait style suits our template best - if you send us an image we will use it if we can
We can attach extra documents to your entry, so if you have flyers, booking forms or programmes in Word or PDF then please send them through too. We may edit the text on the website entry but we won't touch your documents.

Your item information will appear on the website until the day after the deadline or finish date. 


Our e-bulletin is sent out every week to over 1600 members. As a rule, it is sent on a Wednesday.  

Normally your item will appear in the next scheduled bulletin after your submission date. It will appear once as the purpose of our bulletin is to highlight new material on the site.  However if you would like your item to appear again then do let us know - we won't automatically feature it more than once, although it will remain on the site.

If you have submitted an item and it hasn't appeared on the site or the bulletin then get in touch.

We occasionally change the schedule to accommodate holidays - this will be announced in the bulletin.

**Please do not send your competition entries or submissions directly to us - refer to the entry details on the individual item**
Wes Brown

Wes Brown is a young writer from Leeds, now living in London. He works for the poetry magazine Magma as well as for NAWE. His novel Shark is published by Ink Lines (2013).