Fri 20 July 2018
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Illuminations: Great Writers on Writing
Edited by Christina Davis & Christopher Edgar
Illuminations is a dazzling behind-the-scenes look at the art of writing, with 55 thought-provoking passages by great writers from around the world and throughout history.
Featured writers include Dante, Sei Shonagon, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, Marina Tsvetaeva, Jorge Luis Borges, Edith Wharton, John Keats, Leo Tolstoy, and Virginia Woolf. Each passage is accompanied by a stunning (and seldom seen) image of the author. Inspired by the popular "Illuminations" series in Teachers & Writers Magazine, this is a great book to motivate students with; to give to those who share a passion for writing; or to keep close at hand, just for yourself. Includes a complete list of sources.

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