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Into the Yell
Sarah James
In this, her first poetry collection, Sarah James penguin-flaps past the chopstick legs of flamingos to give the reader a heady dose of closely observed reality.
Into the Yell draws the reader along trails of squashed stars, tugged down to earth by tangles of seaweed girls. A grandmother grins with too many teeth, a boy collects clouds, and a mariner makes a deadly mistake. We travel with Sarah between Rouen and Haiti via Buxton, hospital waiting rooms and the Randolph Hotel, all watched over by Blake’s tiger, stripes alight.

“Sarah James’s first collection shows an imagination that can surprise and delight, as well as skill and confidence in her craft. I am already looking forward to seeing what she does next.” (Angela France – poet and features editor of Iota)

“Sarah James’s poems are earthy, sensuous, often sexy, peopled by resonant characters, such as Shakespeare’s Juliet and a stiletto-heel-wearing Innuit. Always clear-eyed and compassionate, she explores the visceral realities of the female body; the pain of infertility and post-natal depression with language that pins down her subject with surgical precision.” (Catherine Smith – award-winning poet and Poetry Book Society/Guardian ‘Next Generation’ poet – June 2004)

“Sarah James’ poems are full of colour, a life-affirming response  to both the domestic and the fantastic. Nevertheless, they  are aware of darker shades, the grimmer side of life, relationships and the imagination. This is a varied, thought- provoking and enjoyable first collection.” (Jacqui Rowe – co-director of Flarestack Poets )

“Sarah James deciphers the world with a wise young eye; attentive to complexity, she makes her own sense of things – and expresses it in language that is often dramatic, and always engaging.” (Meredith Andrea – co-director of Flarestack Poets)

Into the Yell won third prize in the International Rubery Book Awards 2011.

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Additional Information:
Sat 22 May 2010
Circaidy Gregory Press
Issue Number:
ISBN: 978 1 906451 24 0
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