Tue 26 January 2021
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Create your own story books, portfolios, learning diaries, newsletters, workshop or project notebooks, essays, project documentation, exhibition catalogues, game props, or whatever you can imagine. bookleteer makes PDF files that can be downloaded, printed out and made up as shareable paper books and cubes using Proboscis' unique Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes. bookleteer isn't just print on demand, its publishing on demand!
Bookleteer is designed to help you to create and publish your own publications as Diffusion Shareables – eBooks and StoryCubes – that are free to download, print out and make up. They can be shared freely (by email, post, photocopy etc) at next to no cost to readers or printed in short runs using our exclusive Publish & Print On Demand service. bookleteer enables you to create a hybrid of analogue and digital media, using the unparalleled reach of the internet with the pleasure of tactile forms.

Created and developed since 2000 by Proboscis, Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes are a flexible and dynamic way to share your ideas with people all over the world, including places that it would not be economical, or physically possible, to distribute traditional publications to. You can share Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes electronically or as material objects – scan, email, post or photocopy them.

Follow our progress on the blog, twitter or see images tagged with 'bookleteer' on Flickr.

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