Thu 23 May 2024
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Miracle e-zine Issue 3 Call for Submissions, Issue 2 Available
Miracle e-zine, a literary and art magazine for and by writers, has launched its second issue and is available now to buy or preview, as editors call for submissions to fill issue 3.

Founded in the summer of 2012, Miracle e-zine is forging it's way towards its third issue. Having released its second issue on 14th October, the magazine is calling for submissions for the next issue.

Miracle is seeking submissions in poetry, short-fiction, prose, non-fiction, author interviews, book reviews and art/photography, and is especially interested in promoting the works of young writers and artists; editor Guntaj Arora is keen to provide a platform for writers to receive recognition for their efforts.

Issue two is available for purchase at the price of £1.23 on, and a sample is available for preview before purchase. Content-rich in both creativity and tips (from writers such as Ann Wilson and Anne Caldwell), the magazine also contains some writing tasks and contests, for which are offered "exciting prizes".

Tune in to their website for samples and further information (and to check out the chilled out vibe and luscious visuals on offer).