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3 Verse
Worcestershire's poetry project for 2012/13. It will give young people in the county 3 opportunities to write and perform their own poetry either on their own or as part of a group.

After piloting their Young Poet Laureate Competition in 2011, Worcestershire County Council are introducing a new scheme for young poets in the county. Keen to develop the interest displayed by young people in 2011's competition, the council have expanded their aim to "young people who may not traditionally take part in arts projects".

The project, known as 3 Verse, is backed by the Worcestershire County Arts Partnership and involves the participation of the performance poets Spoz, Matt Windle, Dreadlockalien and Laura Dedicoat as workshop leaders and poetry champions. 

As the name suggests, there are in fact three projects involved in 3 Verse:

Word Up
Continues the success of 2011, searching for Worcestershire's new Young Poet Laureate. It is for poets 13-19 years old who are resident in, attend a youth club in, or are educated in Worcestershire.

Middle School Poetry Slam
Open to middle schools, this project starts by workshops led by one of the performance poets mentioned above, and will give pupils the opportunity to write and perform their own poetry. The event will culminate with a team-based head-to-head competition at the end of the day.

High School Poetry Slam
As with the above project, this is a school based competition, open to young people between the ages of 11-14. Young people are encouraged to freely express themselves, something they don't usually shy away from.

For more, skip on over to the website itself.