Thu 24 May 2018
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Dream Catcher is an international journal, a small press and a community-based literature organisation. Located in the East Midlands, our events draw audiences from across the region and we are increasingly to be found at festivals across the country as the reputation of the magazine spreads. Take look at Dream Catcher Events for the latest details of what we're up to.
Dream Catcher magazine offers contemporary readers a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews. Our contributors span the globe, making Dream Catcher a truly international magazine. Our aim is to make the very best of contemporary writing available to the most discerning of contemporary readers.

You'll find back issues of Dream Catcher on our website. Take a look. The range of work is astonishing and whether you are a writer, a reader, an editor, teacher or librarian, we're sure you'll want to subscribe to this most readable of literary magazines.

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