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Compass Points: Professional Development Planning and Coaching
Wed 15 Sep 2010 to Thu 31 Dec 2015
NAWE offers a range of one-to-one services. The popular professional development planning service is now available by telephone, as well as face-to-face. A telephone coaching service is also available.
Compass Points is delivered by Anne Caldwell and Philippa Johnston. Both are Cultural Leadership PCT Accredited Coaches and between them have 20 years of experience in helping writers and other literature professionals move forward professionally and achieve their goals.

You can book these services separately or opt for a professional development planning session followed by a coaching series. Here's some more information to help you choose which is right for you.

Professional Development Planning Service: Does the idea of spending 90 minutes reflecting on your career and what you'd like to achieve with the help of someone experienced, impartial and supportive sound attractive? Perhaps you're feeling a bit stuck and not clear how best to move forward. Considering a change in direction? Starting out? Or simply want to take stock and check you're still on track?

Professional development planning is all about exploring where you want to get to professionally in a structured way. It involves looking at where you are now, identifying your goals and planning the steps to achieve them. You're in charge - the guide is there to help you to reflect and to focus on what is most important to you, to define and prioritize your goals, to explore options, and to develop a clear and realistic plan of action. It's not about telling you what to do - the guide is there to help you find your own solutions rather than provide you with answers but s/he will signpost you to the different types of resources available.

During the session, you'll have the opportunity to:

Discuss your current situation and unravel the different strands of what you do
Explore your vision of where you'd like to be and when
Look at your skills and motivations and what's important to you
Identify possible hurdles and consider strategies to overcome them
Consider the different sources of support you can draw on
Map out a plan of action to achieve your goals

Before the session, you'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire which will help to kick-start the process for you and allows the guide to learn something about you before you meet. This material, and the process as a whole, is entirely confidential.

You can choose between having a face-to-face or telephone session.

Quotes from Previous Participants:

'When we finished, I had a much better sense of my vision for the next three years and a set of concrete steps I could take to make that vision a reality.'

'I got a renewed sense of confidence out of the session. Others had been in my situation before: I was not alone.'

'Before I was overwhelmed by having too many ideas and too little time but this process has helped me to set clear and achievable goals.'

Cost: Our professional development planning service is available at the subsidised rate of £75 NAWE members, £125 non-members.

How to Book: For further information and to book, please contact Anne Caldwell

Telephone Coaching Service: Are you looking to make some changes in your career? Would you like a safe and supportive space where you can think about your present situation and the areas you'd like to change, prioritize your goals and work through a set of actions to achieve them? Are you ready to challenge and stretch yourself?

Like professional development planning, coaching is all about getting to where you want to be in your professional life. Again, you're in control - you decide what you want to focus on. The coach is there as a facilitator to help you to step back and gain new insights and understanding and discover your own solutions. Along the way, you'll probably find that your energy levels and motivation increases as your confidence gets a boost. Unlike professional development planning, however, coaching usually takes place over a series of sessions. Here we're offering you a series of five sessions - an introductory session lasting one hour and then four 30 minute sessions. These will be delivered over the telephone at weekly or fortnightly intervals at a time to suit you. Having identified your goals in the first session, your coach will work with you to break these down into small, manageable actions. Each week, you'll review the actions you set the last time and explore any issues that came up while completing them and then go on to set new actions. The process is completely confidential.

Cost: We are making the series of five coaching sessions available at a rate of £155 NAWE members, £225 non-members. You can also do a one off taster hour for £40 members or £70 non-members.

How to Book: For further information and to book, please contact Anne Caldwell

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