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Creative Writing A-Level
Sun 13 Sep 2015
The AQA Creative Writing A-Level is being cut.
A-level in Creative Writing 

Despite campaigning and involvement in consultation with AQA, we are sorry to inform you all that the A level and AS level will not continue beyond the summer of 2018. 

A reformed Creative Writing AS and A level will not be made available for first teaching in 2017 and the subject content for Creative Writing will not be part of the Ofqual and DfE consultation planned for September. The last examinations for AS and A-level Creative Writing will be in summer 2018. 
The DfE’s guidance and Ofqual’s principles required reformed A-levels to avoid overlap with other subjects, have clearly defined and rigorous content, and be right for progression to Higher Education. It was concluded to be problematic that there are connections between Creative Writing and English, and that Creative Writing is (or could be construed to be) more skills based than knowledge based.  Ultimately, this prevented AQA from reforming this qualification.
Sarah White from AQA is in the process of contacting schools and colleges who currently offer AS and A-level Creative Writing. They will be working hard to support them until the final award date in 2018.

Dr Maggie Butt has started a petition on NAWE's behalf and we urge you to sign it. 

Our press release is also here on this page in the right hand column. 

NAWE will be part of a joint response with other English subject governing bodies. Thank you to all NAWE members who helped try and save the qualification this year. 

Here is a link from the English and Media Centre blog who are featuring a posting by a current English A level student in their own response.

The student explains why it's such a brilliant course and what it offers that makes it so valuable, not only in terms of the experiences it provides but also in relation to GCSE and future life.

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Wed 30 Jan 2013
Excellent! Creative writing has been an important part of other English qualifications so it's great to see it formally acknowledged, at this level, as a subject in its own right, developing writers from an earlier stage. I look forward to teaching it at some point.
Posted by: Helen Stockton
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