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NAWE Members' Survey
Fri 9 Nov 2018
All NAWE members are invited to take part in the survey set up to establish priorities for the next three years.

The survey is strictly for NAWE Members, and you must therefore log into the website to take part.

Click here to login and access the survey page.

Jonathan Davidson, Chair of NAWE, writes:

"We know that many people join for the very valuable opportunity to get Third Party Insurance and to apply for DBS checks easily and cheaply, and we will continue to offer these services and perhaps more. For others NAWE is a means of connecting with others who are involved in teaching creative writing in a range of settings, through the two journals we publish and through the Conference and occasional other gatherings. In the past we have run training sessions and we hope to do more of these in the future, depending on what the Membership thinks. And there may be other things we should do that even with our limited resources we can begin to take on. Supporting Creative Writing PhD students and others entering the university sector is surely important. And what can we do to share good practice for those working as freelancers faced with the challenges of sustaining a creative career?
"Please complete our Questionnaire and share your ideas. NAWE is an organization funded almost exclusively by membership fees and that limits what we can do initially, but we would like to apply for funding from elsewhere and to do that we need fresh ideas. And of course we need to make sure we continue to serve the Membership."

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