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Sell Your Short Stories
Thu 15 Nov 2012
NAWE is supporting cutalongstory, the new website dedicated to selling short stories for e-readers.
Launching in early 2013, cutalongstory (CUT) represents a major new opportunity for writers.

CUT offers a no-cost method of launching new stories, promoting them to a huge audience of potential readers – and with the author getting paid every time a story is downloaded.

CUT is dedicated to offering the most compelling selection of short stories ever assembled: a global back-catalogue of classics together with stories from contemporary authors both new and established.

Our Values
  • Writers need readers, and readers need writers whose work can thrive.
  • The writer’s work is saleable art, which we treat with respect.
  • Nothing we publish is merited just on its length. In fact we're champions of writing that's compact.
  • One price for every story – with the cut to the writer never reduced.

CUT is the creation of a team of people who share a special vision for the short story and we invite you to join us.

To register your interest visit:

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National Association of Writers in Education
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Paul Munden
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