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The Dictionary of Wordplay
Morice, Dave
The Dictionary of Wordplay is the first dictionary of wordplay, ever. The more than 1,234 entries in Morice's Dictionary range from the acrostic and the Exquisite Corpse to palindromes, spoonerisms, and anagrams.
The reader moves on to such esoteric and fascinating forms as the timely neologism, the Goldwynism, the backward multiple charade, the Tom Swiftie, and the Seven Seas. An invaluable reference for teachers, writers, librarians, and language lovers everywhere, The Dictionary of Wordplay is also an endlessly enjoyable read.

"Dave [Morice] is a word-wizard who invests the universe of puzzledom with a Newtonian elegance and dazzle." - Richard Lederer, author of Anguished English.

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