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An Everywhere: A Little Book about Reading
Heather Reyes
A memoir of a bibliophile and a celebration of books.
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A period of serious illness brought writer and publisher Heather Reyes back to reading. She hadn’t found time to read seriously for years but returned to it with renewed enthusiasm. Her new situation gave her the time and space for reading. Instead of feeling trapped by her illness, she began to experience a new sense of freedom. She began to relish the opportunity to read whatever she wanted. Her passion for books was unquenchable and in A Little Book about Reading she documents her experiences.
Reframing her illness as an opportunity, Reyes begins to read as a form of escape and because, as a book-lover, it was her natural impulse. In this resulting book, she explores the value of books in our everyday lives as well as in times of crisis. She views this as a form of “bibliotherapy”, immersing oneself in literature as an important part of the healing process. As Reyes rediscovers the pleasure of reading and thinking about books, she considers their importance for everyone. Through references to a wide range of literature, she explores how we experience books and our internal dialogues with their writers.
Reyes is also the editor of a series of urban travel anthologies. In this book, she views reading as a form of travel and approaches it with the same enthusiasm as exploring an unfamiliar city. She blends travel writing and memoir with a celebration of books. Reading it evokes the feeling of browsing the shelves of a bookshop in a new city.
This is a delicate, passionate book. It is a memoir of a bibliophile and a celebration of books. Written in the context of serious illness, it explores the intrinsic value of reading for everyone. It offers a rare opportunity to delve into the mind of a passionate reader and will renew your love of reading.

Amy Spencer

Additional Information:
Thu 10 Apr 2014
Oxygen Books
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ISBN-10: 099263640X, ISBN-13: 978-0992636401
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