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How to Write Fiction without the Fuss
Lucy McCarraher
If you've ever wanted to try your hand at fiction, started a novel or short story, or completed a manuscript - but think it lacks a certain something, this is the book for you. 'How to Write Fiction without the Fuss' takes you through all aspects of the craft of fiction writing and gives you a clear understanding of the fundamentals, along with tools and tips to enhance your writing skills.
This easy-to-read handbook for creative writers will teach you how to:

* Structure a classic plotline to keep your readers gripped
* Create believable characters with original voices
* Use settings and themes to give your story depth
* Understand your genre and integrate your research
* Write like a professional and lose the amateurish gaffes
* Edit and format your manuscript to attract agents and publishers
This accessible and informative book sets out all the tools you need to write fiction. Whether you are new to writing or preparing work for publication, Lucy McCarraher offers useful advice and guidance. Its structure follows a natural progression with advice on planning, editing and publishing. You are taken through all the steps in a logic manner, which helps to demystify the writing process. Although a short book, it looks at all aspects of the craft of writing. It offers an in-depth look at the essentials, including developing effective plot and structure, creating original and engaging characters, writing believable dialogue and exploring themes. There are tips to help you improve your writing. Even if the concepts are familiar, this book provides a comprehensive, and accessible refresher. McCarraher is an experienced writer and editor and so her valuable advice is both useful and thorough. She gives step-by-step guidance as she leads you through the whole writing process. This book is ideal is for anyone who wants to start writing fiction but isn’t sure where to start, or for someone who is stuck and needs some friendly advice.

Amy Spencer

Additional Information:
Wed 9 Oct 2013
Rethink Press Limited
Issue Number:
ISBN-10: 1781330824, ISBN-13: 978-1781330821
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