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Sarah Leavesley
This novella, which was shortlisted in the Gatehouse Press New Fictions Prize 2015/16, tells of a troubled childhood, the loss of a baby, and the end of a marriage, seen through a distorting lens, twisted and unclear.

“Claire relives her past but her memories are fragmented, shattered like the remains of a toy kaleidoscope. A troubled childhood, the loss of her baby, and the end of her marriage are seen through a distorting lens, twisted and unclear. What really happened? And can Claire find a way through the mirror maze of memories to discover the truth? Kaleidoscope is a compelling and disturbing tale of a disintegrating life.”

Claire's story is lit by sadness but also love, insight and some intrigue, and tackling the illusion (and pressures of fighting against) the idea of perfect motherhood.

Kaleidoscope is £4 from Mantle Lane Press at http://www.mantlelanepress.co.uk/product/kaleidoscope. 

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Additional Information:
Wed 1 Mar 2017
Mantle Lane Press
Issue Number:
ISBN: 978-0-9515040-9-3
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