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Jonathan Aldridge
"People use words with such ease, as if each one had a precise function. I like to think of the great vague hulk of language looming over people, with only a few sharp readers understanding that it's all just smoke and mirrors."
Jonny was born in small-town England in 1990 and didn't really get into literature  until studying it at university. Since graduating from Cambridge in 2011 he's been working in the communications industry and writing in his spare time. His work has been called "impressive", "sharp and intelligent" and with "an engaging, deceptively simple narrative style". He was shortlisted for the Foyles / Negative Press short story  competition Still and is currently participating in the NAWE Young Writers' Hub mentorship scheme.

Short stories

Frogmore Papers 
The Dial


The Tower
The Dial
The Hill 
Countryside Tales


Poetry Pigeon


Countryside Tales
From a state comprehensive to Cambridge Uni
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Did You Know:
Most of Jonny's first novel was written on a train, on a BlackBerry
Writers I Like:
Virginia Woolf, Jorge Luis Borges, Djuna Barnes, DH Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Philip Roth, Mohsin Hamid, Richard Milward, Henrik Ibsen, Samuel Beckett, Sophocles, Euripides
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