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Cadaverine Magazine
Cadaverine Magazine publishes the best new poetry, prose and non-fiction from under 30's. We believe in showcasing contemporary, innovative and original new writing from the next genaration of literary talent
Project History:
The Cadaverine is a new Arts Council funded magazine based in Leeds. We believe the UK is blessed with a talented generation of young writers.

Yet, talented as they are, much of their work is left unseen and unattainable. We believe this region benefits from an active, young and eager readership.

Our purpose is to unite these isolated groups - to bring together a new readership with emerging authors.
What Next:
  • To publish the best new writing by the under 25s online and in print. 
  • Help revive arts-based criticism. 
  • Attract a broad audience for our writers and support professional development.
  • Help our writers find publishers and agents. 
  • Combine old and new modes of publishing.
  • Offer literary content to general and crossover readers. 
  • Help readers navigate web content and network with other websites.
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Contact Information:
Cadaverine Magazine
Writers Involved:
Jo Brandon, Wes Brown, Katie Godman, Suzie Evans, David Tait, Andrew McMillan
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