Wed 18 July 2018
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Abigail Phillips
"When I write I want my reader to forget that they're seeing words on a page. I want them to have the equivalent of an IMAX 3D experience."

I can't remember what the first thing I ever wrote was, but my mum tells me that from the time I could pick up a pen I had a fascination with making marks on a page. It's never gone away.

I grew up in a town between Liverpool and Manchester and up until 2015 that's where I stayed. I recently moved down to London.

I was encouraged in my writing by my parents and my teachers. One primary school teacher in particular spurred me on and I would bring in stories for her to mark and give back to me. I started to write fanfiction during high school and it would be a while before I had the courage to start writing original stories again. At college, I joined a writing club and I began to rekindle my love of writing about my own worlds and characters. The stories I wrote then were often a way for me to deal with mental illnesses that I suffered with at the time.

I was originally going to study English with creative writing at university until I went to the taster day at Edge Hill. One of the lecturers asked me why both. I realised I didn't know and he persuaded me to change my application to just creative writing. I must have been feeling reckless because I changed it there and then and didn't look back.

Studying creative writing opened my eyes to all kinds of different writing. I'd always stuck to my dream of becoming a novelist, but I've since learned to love the short story, poetry and screenwriting.

Since moving down to London, I've had an article published in Time Out magazine. This experience has led me to think about journalism as a possible outlet for my writing as well.

I'm currently hoping to get a short story published somewhere and that the novel I started for university will get finished at some point.

Graduated with a first-class honours degree in creative writing from Edge Hill University.

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