Sat 18 September 2021
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Jonathan Macho
"I enjoy putting the improbable, impossible, and frankly insane ideas that can come from the fringes of genres such as science fiction and fantasy onto the page. I love nothing more than to laugh at absurdity, but I try to find the serious, melancholy and real within the bizarre as well. If I can make you giggle and think, then I've completed my mission, so to speak."
I live with my parents and brother, as I have done all my life, and they don't quite seem sick of me yet. A Cardiff local, born and raised, I've recently completed a BA in English Literature at Cardiff University, which was quite possibly the funnest period of my life, and am hoping to return for my masters in the future. 
I've written, collaboratively and alone, three short plays for the Sherman Theatre's Young Writer's program. I have also had short stories published in Candy Jar Book's Breaking the Surface Anthology, Pageturners India's Across the Ages Anthology, and, most recently, in the To Hull and Back Comedy Short Story Anthology. I've had work shown in the Modern Alchemist's Abacus Gallery, and won second prize in the Newport University Short Story Competition. 

The ancient superstition that smashing a mirror leads to seven years bad luck comes from ancient Rome, where it was believed the onlooker's soul, not reflection, could be seen within. The seven years was how long it would take for the broken soul to repair itself. Flash Fact.

My favourite writers cover a vast array of media, so I'll categorise them based on their field rather than in any order. My favourite book is Catch 22, by the amazing Joseph Heller, but I also very much enjoy the work of Kim Newman, Derek Landy, and Dan Abnett, whose balance of detail and humour never cease to make me smile. In television, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies (the keen of eye may notice a shared work history here) have heavily influenced me, whilst the screenwriting of the Coen Brothers and Nolan Brothers always make for unsurpassable movies. Straddling both TV and Film is Joss Whedon, whose dialogue and characterisation are lofty heights I aspire to. In comics, Warren Ellis has produced some of my favourite stories of all time, and Grant Morrison is perhaps my favourite writer of all, burning through to the heart of the medium like no one else in my opinion. When it comes to playwrights, I do love a bit of the Bard, and I have to mention Hideo Kojima, whose Video Game scripts and the ideas that frame them are some of favourite things in the world. Gosh, that's a lot. If you're bothered, please look these fine people up. You won't regret it. 
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