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No to Age Banding
Mon 15 Sep 2008
Is this an appropriate branding of a book? If, like Anne Fine and Philip Pullman amongst many others, you think not, then do please sign up to the online campaign against the initiative.

Many authors have already expressed their very grave anxiety at this initiative by the Publishers' Association to simplify systems for supermarket shelving by printing what they refer to as "age guidance" on the back of every children's book they publish. These are not peel-off stickers. It is actual printing on the book's cover, and it is not, as claimed, discreet.

A campaign website has been set up by writers and other professionals who believe that the proposal to put an age-banding figure on books for children is ill-conceived and damaging to the interests of young readers.

Do please visit the No to Age Banding website and add your name to the campaign.

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